If you haven’t had the thrill of being in one of Kit’s classes yet, you probably have heard of her. Kit is renowned as one of the top trainers in the country and it’s for a good reason. Kit’s ability to command a room and connect with every single person she meets makes her classes more than just effective, you feel as though you’ve just met your new best friend.

We aren’t the only ones who think Kit is the creme de la creme, Kit was recently named one of the top 5 trainers in Los Angeles by Shape Magazine and made it to the top 20 of Oprah’s “Be the Next TV Star.” She has partnered with Lucy Activewear to create “Fit by Kit” featuring her workouts, writing and more. Women’s Health Magazine chose her as one of the top next fitness stars, and the list doesn’t end there. Kit has been featured on E!, Access Hollywood, The Today Show, Extra and more. She is a top celeb trainer in LA, traveling with and training Jennifer Lawrence and touring with Ke$ha as her private trainer.

So yeah, I think you get it - Kit’s kinda the jam. Crazy amazing celeb status aside, Kit is a beautiful soul who is here to inspire you to be the best you. She doesn’t adhere to the “get skinny” approach to fitness, she instead is here to help you get strong, fit, find your own inner athlete and make you laugh and smile the whole time on your journey with her. If you are in LA and you haven’t taken a Kit class, get your booty to Speir because she will literally change your world. If you don’t live in LA, it’s seriously worth the flight here. Yeah, we’ve got a girl crush. We aren’t too proud to admit it.