Your favorite booty kicker Becky started young as a competitive dancer in Massachusetts. Learning how to commit to hard work with a focus on mind-body connection helped Becky learn the magic, strength and grace  that a body can exude. Once in college, Becky searched for a type of movement that could not only keep her strong and healthy, but also make her body healthy and feel fantastic without overly working it or burning it out...enter Pilates. She quickly realized this was something she could do everyday, no matter what time of day and do nothing but fall deeper in love with it.

Becky moved to CA in 2009 and obtained her full comprehensive certification. Having the background of an athlete combined with a true understanding of how to not only beautifully teach Pilates, but also make it challenging and fun at the same time is what truly makes Becky shine brightly when she’s got that mic on, that music going, and eager Pilates practitioners on their reformers. Becky is such an extraordinary gal, she not only rocks it out as one of the premiere Pilates instructors on the west coast, she also works as a labor and delivery nurse at UCLA, is a huge lover of animals, and could live off candy. For real. I mean, there is literally nothing not to love about Becky with the good hair.