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If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your passion for Reformer Pilates into a career, or if you just want to learn more about this incredible form a fitness and the art of teaching it, we’ve got you covered. This 150 hour, modular program allows you to learn everything you need to know on the most popular piece of Pilates apparatus, with a certification to teach upon successful completion of the program.

Learn the entire classical order from beginner through advanced exactly how Joseph Pilates created it, as well as modern, innovative and athletic exercises that are especially fantastic for group class.

Knowing the exercises is just where we begin. Learn everything you need to know on how to effectively cue both physically and vocally, layer your teaching, connect with clients, understand music psychology, format a group class, understand functional anatomy like the musculoskeletal system, joint function and movement, special cases, and more. Upon successful completion of this 2 month program, you will be a knowledgable, vibrant, educated and confident Pilates pro and certified teacher.

PRICE: $2,900 ($2,400 Before February 1st)




  • Advanced Mat Certification

  • Jumpboard Technique / Variations

  • Functional Nutrition with Nutritional Therapist, Kristen Matthews

  • Pre/Post-Natal Pilates with certified specialists in pre/post Pilates movement, Kristen Matthews & Andrea Speir 


  • Apprentices with Speir Pilates receive 10% off any private lessons and/or group class packages for the duration of the program.



Fundamentals of Pilates, reformer basics/safety/history, how to teach (proper cueing, value), beginner classical/innovative exercises on the reformer

March 22- 4pm-8pm
March 23- 9am-5pm


Intermediate classical/innovative exercises on the reformer, structuring a class, jumpboard basics, working with a range of clients and handling the unknown

April 5th- 4pm-7pm
April 6th- 10am-3pm
April 7th- 10am-3pm


Learn the basics of the musculoskeletal system and bones, joint function and movement, special cases, common injuries, pre and postnatal and how Pilates can be effectively used to work with each bodies needs and requirement, and more

April 12- 4-7pm


Advanced classical and innovative exercises on the reformer, unique box work, athletic endings, jumpboard basics, when would you use props and why, music psychology, finding unique voice and personality

April 26- 4pm-7pm
April 27- 10am-3pm
April 28th- 10am-3pm 

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Teacher Training Circle - Kristen Reformer 1 .jpg

Final test-out to be scheduled between: May 6th - May 24th, 2018


Reformer fundamentals
Reformer safety
Reformer History
Teaching Principles (proper cueing, technique, pace, observation, value)
Classical and innovative exercises on reformer with modifications- beginner-advanced
Jumpboard basics
Structuring a class & movement sequencing
Working with a range of clients/handling the unknown
Music psychology
Finding unique self/not shying away
Functional Anatomy

Key elements of the musculoskeletal system
The Bones
Joint structure and functions
Primary muscles involved in movement
Common injuries and special cases/ rehabilitative approach, contraindications
Torn meniscus
Herniated disc
Prenatal Pilates
Postnatal Pilates


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24 HOURS: In-Studio Training

8 HOURS: Test Out

50 HOURS: Observation/Self Practice

50 HOURS: Practice Teaching

  • (10 hours can be apprentice private sessions with pay after Int. weekend)

  • (10 hours practice sessions for no cost to friends/family)

3 HOURS: Anatomy Course with Master Trainer

8 HOURS: Home Study

6 HOURS: Weekly Meetings




One photographic comprehensive training manual pertaining to each module registered and paid for, in-studio lecture/training with Speir Pilates Master Teacher Trainer, in-studio training with Speir Pilates specialty trainer in Functional Anatomy, use of studios for self practice, practice teaching, apprentice teaching sessions, observation, and one assessment-based diploma upon successful completion and graduation of the program and all necessary test-outs required.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Payment must be made in full to complete registration for the program, and/or workshops to hold and secure ones spot. Student is entitled to full tuition refund upon withdrawal/termination up to 30 calendar days before the start of the program. If withdrawal of the program happens within 30 calendar days of the start date of the program, there is no refund of tuition. The official date of of termination/cancellation of a student will be determined in the following manner: The date on which the school receives written notice of the students intention to discontinue the training program. Tuition fees are non-transferrable. Previous credit on account at Speir Pilates cannot be redeemed toward payment for tuition on Speir Pilates Teacher Training Program.


For additional information on all certification courses, email info@speirpilates.com or call (310) 270-4808